Writing & Editing

I am an accomplished writer and editor who understands the issues and challenges facing non-profits and higher education. Whether it’s op-eds, speeches, feature stories, donor profiles, science writing, or web content, my writing is well-researched and thoughtful.


Affirmative Opportunity, not Affirmative Action
    This piece appeared in the College section of The New York Times

Starving the Support System for Eating Disorders

Feature Stories & Donor Profiles

The Places We Call Home
    St. Lawrence Magazine

Beginning College Early
    The Sage Colleges

Incubating Bright Futures
     The Sage Colleges

Reality Degree
     The Sage Colleges

Science writing:

I specialize in translating complex topics for public consumption. I have edited nanotechnology patents prior to their submission to the U.S. Patent Office and have written for  some of the nation’s top scientists.

Science Roundup Newsletter
I was responsible for writing and editing these monthly science stories

Rensselaer President Shirley Ann Jackson Elected AAAS President

Recommendations for the Future of Nuclear Education and Technology

Crystal Growth Experiment Headed for Outer Space

Nano-Welding Creates Tiny Junctions

Researchers Create Rare, Large Symmetrical Crystals: Accident Leads to Discovery…

New Star Structures in the Milky Way Alter Galactic Model…

Seeing Farther and Faster with Terahertz Imaging…

Pinpointing the Protein Problem in Lou Gehrig’s Disease…

Uncovering Tumors, Hidden Subs, and Cracks in Airplanes Using Math …

Mercury at Bottom of Central Park Lake …


Broadening and Deepening a Rensselaer Education

Cambridge Central School: Commencement 2010
   Written for the Executive Director of The Agricultural Stewardship Association