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Admissions & Recruitment

Client:  Emma Willard School

Partners: Lilly Pereira Design & Rachel Morton Design

Emma Willard School wanted to refresh their overall identity to match the vibrant story of how they educate and inspire girls. Their website and suite of admissions material needed to reinforce the characteristics of an “Emma Girl,” and show the power of partnership between teacher and student. Girls here blaze their own path. The overriding idea was to encourage girls to find their voice and be themselves. I rewrote Emma’s website, and their entire suite of admissions materials, including travel pieces, one-sheets, and two folders for general inquiries and to welcome admitted students. Emma’s approach to a viewbook was an admissions magazine. Working closely with Rachel Morton & Associates on content and design fulfilled the perfect blend of substance and style.

emma_SY2_Home_2 emma_SY1_2ndary


Emma folders Emma folder with Inserts

why_emma_brochure-0 why_emma_brochure-1 affording_emma_sheet-0






affording_emma_sheet-1favorite_teacher_sheet-0 favorite_part_sheetclubs_emma_sheet-0











Client:  The Sage Colleges

Partner:  Invision Studios

Sage had a complicated mix of brand messaging for its four colleges. These recruitment materials, web and print ads, and e-templates, show how we overcame the complex and achieved cohesion.

print_SCAdesign print_RSCdesign brochures Sage branded letter and e-templates print ads for Sage

These vibrant posters — designed to be displayed in high school guidance offices and hallways — were written to inspire prospective students to inquire about the particular subject areas that are Sage’s strengths – science, the arts, and nutrition. Working in direct partnership with the academic deans, allowed me to understand what appealed most to prospective students before conceptualizing each piece, picking the photos, and writing the content. They were so popular that current students hung them in their dorm rooms.

Sage art poster

Sage science poster

Advancement & Development

Client: The Wild Center

Partner: Fish Partners

The Wild Center at Blue Mountain Lake is a natural history museum that attracts more than 100,000 visitors from around the world who want to experience the natural beauty of the Adirondacks and its wildlife. They came to me with an important (but lengthy) economic impact study and wanted it translated into something that would resonate with the general public. The resulting brochure, using clear language, perfect graphics, and bold impact statements, demonstrated the power of impact on place. Its secondary messaging is an enticement to investment in the future of the region and the Wild Center. Download the brochure here.

Wild Center-Economic Impact Brochure-0 Wild Center-Economic Impact Brochure-1 Wild Center-Economic Impact Brochure-2 Wild Center-Economic Impact Brochure-3 Wild Center-Economic Impact Brochure-4 Wild Center-Economic Impact Brochure-5


Client: Emma Willard School

Partners: Lilly Pereira Design & Rachel Morton Associates

Emma’s alumni appeals needed to engage a range of alumnae who remembered the place for very different reasons. These appeals were written with an eye toward the future, designed to incorporate the new branding, and to foster a sense of nostalgia. We did this by carefully selecting archival photos that spoke to the traditions with which Emma girls most identified.






These appeals were incorporated into the CASE Grand Gold award-winning Emma magazine.

Emma Magazine

Here’s what the judges had to say:

In a category by itself, this magazine is substantive, edgy, interesting, bold and beautiful! Judges commented on the imagery, design, paper choice, how easy it was to navigate as a reader, the subtle brand identifiers throughout the piece, interesting topics chosen, representation of diversity and beautiful inside back cover!




Client:  Williams College

Partners: Jen Rork Design and Oberlander Group

Williams College launched a $650 million comprehensive campaign and needed to arm their development officers with appropriate materials to make the case to donors. I developed cases for support for specific initiatives, a planned giving newsletter (Giftwise), an internal website for development officers, and a class giving brochure for the 50th Reunion, among other things. In addition, I wrote a suite of Alumni Giving and Parents Fund solicitations that complemented the messaging and branding of the campaign theme, Teach it Forward.

IMG_20151029_091531_213 (1)GiftwiseNewsletterSpring2015-0 GiftwiseNewsletterSpring2015-1


Williams 50th materials


Client:  The Sage Colleges

Partner: Isadora Tang Studios

To build affinity among the colleges and specific classes, we designed a collection of branded desktop wallpapers alumnae/i and students. These were installed on college computers and made available for download on the College’s alumnae/I websites.

The Annual Giving inserts, designed and written for targeted audiences, were sized to fit into this Annual Giving folder that could be used for various donor appeals throughout the year. In addition, we designed these window clings that served as a ‘gift’ to alums to be included in each Annual Giving ask.


Sage Annual Fund BrochureInside Sage Annual fund

print_alumnae annual giving SageSage window clings

Blogs & Web Content

ClientAusten Riggs Center

In addition to writing the Austen Riggs annual report, which collected giving profiles and impact statements, I wrote patient-focused blog content for the Riggs Blog. This one, on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I broke into three sections: What is PTSD: A Brief Overview, How Austen Riggs Treats PTSD, and How is PTSD Diagnosed. This involved translating highly complex academic language into manageable bits and then writing it in an accessible way.

Client: Gettingsmart.com

As a contributor to The Getting Smart blog at gettingsmart.com, I was asked to write about my sons’ decision to forgo college and start a dairy farm. Getting Smart offers thought-leading perspectives on K-12, HigherEd and lifelong learning and is a community for news and stories on innovations in learning and teaching. Read my story here: A Path to Dairy Farming, Not College.